Questions & Answers

Q: Do you print albums?
A: Yes we do,  However printing is only available for orders in Malta.

Q: You seem to specialize in weddings. Do you design other kinds of albums ?
A: Yes, of course ! We design guestbooks, photo shoot books and memory books among others.

Q: How long does it take for a wedding album to be ready?
A:  Around a week for design only. if it includes editing, it takes a little longer, say 2 weeks, given we need to retouch each image. 

Q: How many images do I need to choose for  a wedding album?
A: It depends on how many pictures you would like to include in a spread. E.g. 2-4 images per spread for a more contemporary, clean look. But overall, around 120-150 images per 30 spreads.

Q: What about the resolution and format of the photos I need to send?
A: Preferably original size of the photo & .jpg format.

Q: I am a photographer. How will my clients see the preview of their album?
A: We will send you an email to let you know when the album is ready from design and provide you with a PDF preview to show to your clients.

Q: I love the album preview! What shall I do next?
A: In album proofing page there's a button Approve album which will direct you to sending us an email with your approval.

Q: I need to amend a couple of things on some of the pages. How do I go about it and is it at an extra cost for this?
A: Kindly fill the following form: Amendments. As for extra costs, there aren't any for the first revision.  However, please do make sure to send all of your amendments at one go. Any amendments after the first revision are at the following fee:      €1 per additional image,  €4 for re-design & €4  per extra spread.

Q: What happens after we approve the album?
A: Once you give us the go ahead, we will go through it once again to double check spacing and alignment. Once ready, we will send you a link via email so you can download your album.