Terms of Service


  • Copyright agreement: By submitting images to The Album Designer, Client owns or claims to own the Copyright for all images. If the client is not the Copyright owner, it is the client's responsibility to obtain the proper permission before submitting images to The Album Designer. The Album Designer holds no responsibility for copyright infringement issues.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with our designs and we are unable to fix it, we will refund the design fee to you. Design files will not be issued.

  • Limits of Liability:The Album Designer is not liable for any albums. Once the client has received design or image files from us, it is the client's responsibility to perform a final check on spelling, dates, alignments, colors, strokes and other related issues which might not be easily visible via online proofs. Our limit of liability cannot exceed the cost of our services. 

  • Safekeeping of Files: Once The Album Designer has delivered files to the client, the storage of those files are no longer the responsibility of The Album Designer. The client should always keep the original copy of files as back up, as we are not responsible if files or media are damaged during transport, storage, or handling.

  • If our design or image service is not approved within 1 month of submission. The Album Designer reserves the right to close out the project and to charge any remaining fee.

  • Amendments Policy: An "amendment" is considered a request for alteration of an existing design with specific instructions for placing, replacing, resizing, or altering specific images on specific pages. If there are requests to remove pages from the original design, we will still charge for those pages in the final fee. The first batch of corrections is free of charge. Any amendments after the first revision are at the following fee: €1 per additional image, €4 for re-design & €4 per extra spread.

  • Privacy Policy: By submitting your email address to The Album Designer, you agree to receive periodic email updates from us. We do not sell your email address to anyone. You have the right to opt out at any time.